Syngrou 44

2020 • Prodea Invited Competition • Area: 5.700sqm • Sector: Offices/ Adaptive Re-Use • Services: Architectural Design

The 5.700sqm building is a combination of 32 individual acquisitions of existing offices, into one larger property by Prodea Investments Group. The invited competition brief refers to a new building shell which would upgrade the energy performance of the building and should achieve a Leed Gold Certification. The design addresses contemporary values of wellness in office spaces, and the idea of daylight as a working quality, in order to propose an ‘open screen’ building, a combination of a curtain wall and fixed aluminum screens, managed in different qualities of fritted glass and perforated patterns. It aims for an contemporary “reformulation’ of the architectural typology of the ‘greek modern movement’ of the 1970’s in a simple, constructable and easy to maintain manner, aiming to provide an elegant design close to the Athenian identity of the city center and only 3 blocks away from the Acropoly’s Museum.

Geometries of Athenian facades
Office building elevation typology reconfiguration: Maintaining principles such as the design based on the grid of the facade, the comfortable partitioning of the floor plan, the speed and the economy of the light non-load-bearing construction. Adding new principles: (a) creating depth for shading, (b) thin sections achieved with the use of new materials.
Sun dial diagrams

Architectural Design: AVW Architecture • Authors: Angeliki Athanasiadou, Katerina Vassilakou • Architectural Design Team: Mara Petra, Angeliki Zerva, Annita Klemou, Anastasia Kanareli, Giannis Galetakis