Vacation house in Lefkada island

2020 • Private villa with 5 guest houses and leisure pool for rent • Sector: Residential, Leisure • Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design • Area: 650 sqm in 6000 sqm plot

This private leisure residence is situated in a breathtaking private peninsula above a beautiful cape in Lefkada Island, open to immense views of the Ionion Pelagos and the blue seas of the Eptanisa. The aim is to design a residence that integrates to the unique landscape that surrounds it, incorporating the remarkable experience of the scenery in the quality of everyday living. Due to the steep slop of the plot, the main volume of the building is posed on the landscape as a ‘spine’, forming an incision to the topography in order to create the space to accommodate the living areas. The entrance of the house submerges the visitor from the outdoors, via a dramatic trench, to the minimal interior space, and ultimately, to a suspended belvedere hanging above the sea. The bedroom spaces are developed in separate prisms; they are placed half submerged in the surrounding landscape, manifesting two different ways of experiencing privacy. The house may be regarded as a device of narrative experience of the exceptional qualities of the place.


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Architectural Design: AVW Architecture • Authors: Angeliki Athanasiadou, Katerina Vassilakou • Architectural Design Team: Giannis Galetakis