Eleanthi Boutique Residences

Design: 2012 • Construction: 2013 • Client: Eleanthi • Area: Services: Preliminary and final restoration design of traditional stone wall residence • Sector: Leisure, Tourism, Residential • Award: 100% Hotel Design Awards Pre-selection

“Eleanthi” is located in the upper part of “Pyrgos” village in the Western Mani Peninsula. The building was “Metohi” of a small orthodox monastery dating back to the 1820’s and it was partially ruined. The restoration of the building envelope has been a demanding task which required advanced technical thinking and resourceful onsite implementation, to preserve the delicate handcrafted qualities of the rural architecture. The concept of the restoration was to maintain, preserve and highlight the visible stonework and the geometry and scale of the existing structures of the house.  The aim was to re-introduce the building to the 21st century as a shell originating from its founding ground, technically and metaphorically, while preserving and enhancing the experience of inhabiting the location of Pyrgos and of a historic site. Eleanthi may be divided into 5 independent habitats, or alternatively 3, or 2; it may also be experienced as a large residence with the capacity to accommodate up to 12 guests. It has 2 courtyards; the first one is enclosed and features an old mulberry tree – the second one offers unobstructed views of the imposing Taygetos ridge and the sky. It also has 4 distinct terraces with different orientations, overlooking the medieval village and its 400years old churches, the Peloponnese gulf and ultimately, the sea.  
Level 3

Architectural Design: AVW Architecture • Authors: Angeliki Athanasiadou, Katerina Vassilakou • Structural Engineers: Alexandros Athanasiadis & Associates • Construction: Lefteris Tsantos