Inside Out

2017 • In collaboration with Nikos Ktenàs Architecture • Sector: Residential • Services: Interior Design • Area: 990 sqm • Awards: 1st prize, EIA Architecture Awards 2018 • Photography: Mariana Bisti

The building, designed by Nikos Ktenàs Architecture, through its structure, deals with the reinvention of the typology of the ‘polykatoikia’ – block of flats, where the unoccupied space of the lot, is proposed as an open air central entry hall, as well as a transitional space between the city and the living quarters. It is a stop, but at the same time a point of variation of the visitor’s course, from horizontal to vertical, from public to private. This interpretation of the unoccupied space of the urban building block gives it a substantial and inseparable spatial function in the building, in the classical sense that of the atrium where, through this space, the visitor enters the living spaces that surround it, which in turn, are projected towards the city, completing the exterior of the building block.


Architectural Design: Nikos Ktenàs Architecture • Authors: Nikos Ktenàs • Interior Design: AVW Architecture – Katerina Vassilakou • Architectural Design Team: Vania Angelopoulou • Structural Engineers: Cubus Hellas Ltd – Antonis Kanellopoulos • MEP & HVAC Engineers: LDK Consultants – Dimitris Kirimlidis • Lighting Consultants: Simple Lights